• Floral centers
    FLORAL CENTERS Our floral centers are made with flowers from distributors in the country, which guarantees us the highest quality and freshness. We take care of even the smallest detail in each of our compositions.

  • Events
    EVENTS  We make floral decorations for all kinds of corporate, private, cultural, institutional or religious events and parties. We take care of everything and customize the decoration to suit your style.

  • Weddings
    WEDDINGS Flors Mateu we have many years of experience decorating outdoor weddings, in churches, town halls, hotels, castles, among other spaces. Our job is that everything is to your liking.

Dried and preserved flowers

Flowers are the new hugs

Dried and preserved flowers have a romantic charm. They maintain their beauty as if it were a pact with eternity. Giving these flowers implies a message of infinite sentiment.