Shipping cost

The shipping cost in our delivery area is as follows:

• Collection in store: Free.

• Roses and / or neighboring urbanizations: € 4.99.

• Empuriabrava: € 10.

• Castelló d'Empúries: € 12.

• Palau: € 10.

• Pau: € 13.

• Cadaqués: € 33.

• Vilajuïga: € 15.

• Other destinations, consult previously by phone (638 34 78 91).

Modalities and delivery time

We have two modes of delivery, depending on the destination of the shipment and the date and time of the order:

Standard delivery: delivery of the order on the day indicated by the customer.

Express delivery *: for orders that will be delivered on the same day, the next day or on a weekend.

* Orders to send within the current day must be made before 1pm on the same day.

In none of the above options can we guarantee the exact delivery time, since it depends on the available schedules of our florists.


Special conditions

If we do not carry out the delivery of your order on the agreed date due to causes that are under our control, as long as you reject the order, you will be entitled to a full refund of it.
If the delivery can not be done on time due to circumstances beyond our control, such as the recipient is not at home, you will not be entitled to a refund. But do not worry, in this case we usually leave a note or a message to schedule a new delivery.

If delivery could not be made on time, the delivery will be made the next business day and in this case, you will not be entitled to a refund.


Incorrect or incomplete delivery information

If, when you place your order, you provide us with an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, we can not guarantee the delivery of your order. If we verify that the information provided is not correct, we will contact you to confirm the information or ask for additional details. You must bear in mind that the modification of this data must be carried out a minimum of twelve hours, before the scheduled delivery. For example, if your order is for March 16, you must contact us before 12h on March 15. Flors Mateu The Racó De Les Flors is not responsible if your order can not be delivered because the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, so you would not have the right to a refund.


Conditioned delivery places

Orders directed to hospitals, hotels, residences, companies, universities or public buildings are not guaranteed, but in most cases they will arrive correctly. If your order is destined for one of these establishments, please provide us with the name and telephone number of the same and provide as many details as possible. In the case of hospitals, we will need the pavilion and the room number. Flors Mateu The Raco De Les Flors will try to deliver your bouquet according to the rules of each installation, but we can not be held responsible if these organizations prevent it. Keep in mind that many hospitals do not allow delivery in individual rooms and that most UCIs do not either. Please, check with the hospital before placing your order. If you want to send flowers to a person who is staying in a hotel, you must specify the room number in which you are staying (if you have one) and the name of the person under whom the reservation is made. Flors Mateu The Raco De Les Flors no can authorize any refund if it has not been possible to carry out a delivery due to these circumstances.

If, for whatever reason, the recipient rejects the delivery, you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount of your order.